We cater for all kinds of occasions for many people. Leave your catering burdens on us, we will cook the food and you can pick/deliver and delivery is an additional cost.

You can choose anything on regular Menu for your catering. Give me a call(Mr.Khan 704-904-4730) and tell us your catering Menu and how many people will be there. We will give you per person price and large tray price. We can work with your budget.



Item Name Price
Beef Daleem/Nihari and Korma (Boneless) $120
Beef Daleem/Nihari and Korma (With Bone) $110
Goat Daleem $130
Goat Kadhai/Korma $140
Goat Biryani $130
Chicken Haleem $115
Chicken Korma $100
Chicken Kadhai $120
Chicken Saag/Dall $100
Chicken Biryani $110
Chicken Tikka Masala $130
Chicken 65/Chilli Chicken $140
Vegetable Biryani $80
Mixed Veg $70
Peas Pulao $60
Kheer/Rice Pudding $80
Veg Pakora $60
Sojee Halwa $60
Lahoori Chana Masala $80
Shaahi Paneer/Paneer tikka masala $130
Chilli Paneer $130
Chilli Chicken $130
Chicken Acharee $120
Chicken Jalfrazee/Chicken Ginger $120
Fish Kadhai $120
Chicken Keema/Mutter $110
Gajar Halwa $90
Channa Chat $70
Kabuli Pulao $80